This policy sets out the booking terms and protocol for the AMATA Box Office and the Academy of Music & Theatre Arts (AMATA) Performance Programme.

Performance and Event Ticketing

All public and/or programmed performances and events at AMATA are ticketed unless otherwise stated. This also includes free performances and events. Ticket pricing for performances and events are set by the AMATA Production Team (in consultation with the AMATA Directorate) in advance of the programme or season being published. Ticket prices will be advertised through AMATA programme brochure and website. Free performances and events will be ticketed through the AMATA Box Office unless otherwise stated. All performances and events are ticketed or set to a maximum capacity to ensure the relevant health and safety checks can be carried out in advance of the performance or event.

Concessionary Price Tickets

Concessionary tickets are available for students (with a valid ID card), job seekers and disabled customers. We offer one free companion ticket for disabled customers. Additional companion tickets can be purchased at the concessionary ticket price. Falmouth University, University of Exeter, Falmouth Exeter Plus and The Students' Union staff members who work outside of the Academy of Music & Theatre Arts department are also eligible for a concessionary price ticket. Box Office staff can provide details upon request.

AMATA Staff Complimentary Tickets

AMATA staff can attend performances without paying for admission. There will be a limited number of free staff tickets available per performance. The number of tickets available will be based on the total capacity of each performance, please contact Box Office staff for information on the number of available tickets. AMATA staff complimentary tickets should be booked at least 72 hours in advance of the performance or event. In rare cases of excess demand for complimentary staff tickets, priority will be given on a subject and research specialism basis. Tickets will be subject to availability. AMATA Staff complimentary tickets will be issued as e-tickets only, please either print these in advance or have them available to be shown on your smartphone. Once the AMATA Staff Complimentary Ticket allocation is full additional tickets can be purchased at the concessionary rate and are subject to availability. Partners/Guests of AMATA Staff can purchase tickets at the concessionary rate.

Non-Attendance for AMATA Staff Complimentary Tickets

AMATA Staff who qualify for a complimentary ticket(s) must inform Box Office staff if they are unable to attend the performance or event. Staff should contact the Box Office by phone on 01326 259349 to speak to a member of staff or leave a voicemail or alternatively, please email: prior to the performance wherever possible as tickets can then be released for general sale. If advanced notice for uncollected tickets is not given AMATA Staff may be liable to pay the concessionary rate price for the ticket(s) if they cannot be sold at the Box Office prior to the performance starting. Regular non-attendance of 3 instances within a season will result in complimentary ticket privileges being removed for individual staff members.

Falmouth University, University of Exeter Students and Falmouth University Staff Season Tickets

Falmouth University, University of Exeter Students and Falmouth University Staff can purchase season tickets for the AMATA Performance Programme. For more information about season tickets, please visit:

Performing Company Guest List Tickets

The performing company will be allocated a guest list of tickets. The number of tickets will be stated in the contract. Names of the guests should be provided to Box Office staff 7 days prior to the performance. Full name and email address of the attendee must be submitted to the Box Office by email:

Additional tickets for guests of the performing company can be purchased at the concessionary rate. All tickets must be purchased in advance and are subject to availability.

Complimentary Tickets for Industry and VIP Contacts

If AMATA Staff wish to invite an industry contact or VIP to a performance or event, they need to liaise with the AMATA Director, or in absentia the AMATA Programme Manager to confirm if this is possible. These tickets will be allocated on a case-by-case basis and should be confirmed by the AMATA Director or Programme Manager before any invitation is made.

AMATA Box Office Terms and Conditions

All tickets are subject to the AMATA Box Office Terms and Conditions, which can be found at:

Box Office staff can provide further information relating to the Terms and Conditions.

AMATA Box Office Zero Tolerance Policy

AMATA operates a Zero Tolerance Policy towards anybody who commits an act of violence against any member of staff, student or other visitor to the premises, or behaves in such a way that any such person fear for their security and safety. Any such incidents will be reported to Campus Security or the Police where appropriate.

The management reserves the right to refuse entry to anybody in breach of the above and in line with The AMATA Box Office Terms and Conditions.

AMATA Box Office Finance Procedure

All cash and card transactions will be carried out by Box Office staff and students working on placements at the AMATA Box Office will be supervised at all times.

The Falmouth University Finance ‘Cashing Handling Code of Practice’ is in operation at AMATA. Details of the policy can be given upon request.